System Testing

Message from the Shoreline Fire Marshal:

In light of the COVID-19 Civil Emergency, the Shoreline Fire Department is writing to share information with you regarding systems testing in Shoreline.

Testing companies should follow recommendations for their employees suggested by King County Public Health:

In situations where your company or employees perceive that it may be preferable from a public health perspective to defer testing in a specific occupancy or portion of an occupancy, please know you can postpone the test and contact us to receive an extension of the compliance timeline.

This process will be similar to other situations in which testing companies request extensions. On our end, we will modify the status in our systems and (TCE) so the customer does not receive follow up enforcement during the period the extension is in place. What you should do:

• Request an extension by emailing us at Simply provide the premise address, premise name (if available), and system type, and let us know this relates to public health or if you prefer you can reference this post. We will work with you to determine the new compliance timeline. You may provide our communication to your customer if you wish.

• Please do not submit incomplete tests to us in TCE. Instead, please receive an extension, complete the testing, and then submit a full report.

While we cannot speak on behalf of other Fire Departments in the area, there appears to be consensus on the information in this letter. We are all responding to the same set of quickly developing facts and want to do what is best for health and well-being of everyone in our region.

On behalf of Shoreline FD, thank you and have a safe day.