Licensed Family Child Care

Family home providers are only required to request the local fire department visit their home once, when becoming licensed. The intent is to inform the local fire department that the provider is operating a child care. Providers must document that they made the request, and whether the fire department was able to make the visit. As we do not do those visits, the provider can simply note the date Shoreline Fire was contacted and say that we declined to visit.

WAC 170-296A-2550 (Updated rule effective March 31, 2012)
(1) The licensee must request the local fire department to visit the home to become familiar with the facility and to assist in planning evacuation or emergency procedures.
(2) If the local fire department does not provide this service, the licensee must have written documentation on file that the request was made.

Shoreline Fire Marshal's Office does not have staff available to conduct a visit to your home daycare.